Society of Schleswiger Horse Breeders

The aim of the Society of Schleswiger Horse Breeders is to nurture and preserve the Schleswiger Draught Horse. The first Society of Schleswiger Draught Horse Breeders was founded in 1891 and the brandmark V.S.P. was introduced. As the society in 1976 was liquidized the number of horses registered had dropped to 35 mares and 5 stallions and  the breed was taken under the wings of the Horse Stud Book Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg. The society of Schleswiger Horse Breeders (VSP) as it is known today was founded in 1991, now there are approximately 190 members. Some 200 mares and 30 stallions are now registered.
The society, together with the Horse Stud Book Schleswig-Holstein / Hamburg organize the annual stallion classes, the showing of the mares´and the foal-branding.
Every year there is a visit to one of the VSP members in Schleswig-Holstein where either one can ride or drive the horses. An excursion is also offered. Last year, to s'Hertogenbosch (1998) in the Netherlands where the society of Dutsch Trekpaarden and Haflinger, with approximately 300 Draught horses and Haflinger to a stallion class and mare show were presented. This year (1999) a group is travelling to Estonia where a Schleswiger stallion is stationed. Next year (2000) there are plans to visit the breeders of the Cheval Breton in Brittany.
If you're interested in our Society and horses please send an Email to or get in touch with Bernd Hansen, Tel.: 0049 4626-1019.

English: Barbara Hopf